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Nominee Services

With the introduction and increasing use of electronic trading and clearing systems, Nominee services provide a viable mean of ensuring prompt and timely settlements, relieving the client of tedious administrative work associated with security transactions.

In addition, for tax and confidentiality considerations, the use of offshore structures as holding entities for assets and international trading is almost a necessity nowadays for high net worth individuals.

Features of a Nominee Service -

  • A complete all in one client account reporting
  • Used solely for the purpose of holding shares and other securities on behalf of our clients
  • Stocks listed on all Exchanges are held in various overseas depots maintained by CONRAD & OTTESS Nominees’ appointed custodians
  • Dividends and other rights accruing are collected by us and held for clients’ accounts to be distributed or reinvested (normally on a quarterly basis)

We aim to capitalize on the significant advantages of offshore financial centers wherever possible to give our clients the greatest scope for their asset security and investment success.